Privacy Management consultancy service is a service that helps organizations manage and protect personal data in compliance with privacy regulations and standards. Privacy Management consultancy service is important for organizations that handle personal data as it allows them to ensure the security and privacy of that data and comply with relevant regulations and standards. Consultants who provide this service typically have expertise in data security and privacy, and can help organizations implement best practices for data protection.

Our Deliverables

Delivering products and services designed to give your business a more convenient and reliable IT experience.

  • Privacy Law Awareness Training
  • Privacy Management Gap Assessment Report
  • Privacy Risk Assessment Report
  • Privacy Policy
  • Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)
  • Project Management
  • Privacy Policy and Procedures Review Service
  • ROPA Review Service
  • Consent Form Review Service
  • Processor Agreement Review Service
  • Personal Data Security Standard
  • Privacy Management Procedures
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Privacy Risk Management Service
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